Mardaani: Movie Review

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Mardaani: Movie Review

Director: Pradeep Sarkar

Writer: Gopi Puthran

Cast: Rani Mukerji, Tahir Bhasin

Just when we thought she has vanished and retired after the marriage, the trailer of Mardaani shocked us and we all got charged up to see this Bengali tigress in an action packed film, Mardaani! Wait, this is not just an action flick; but a straight and naked truth Indian society is facing every day; i.e. female trafficking.

Crime branch officer Shivani Roy (Rani Mukerji) sets on a mission to find out Pyaari who is like a daughter to her and falls victim to organized female trafficking. She is also determined to nail the master-mind and the leader of this racket. What follows is a kick-ass and smart cat and mouse play!

Whether the film deals with the subject with care or not doesn’t matter. The approach is very bold and a bit cinematic at times. But it is the super-tight script that holds your attention makes you glued to the edge of the seat as the high-voltage drama unveils rapidly on screen.

Pradeep Sarkar wastes no time and establishes the plot and the characters in the very first frame. Thorough  research on this serious issue is pretty evident and the characters are believable. Still there are those scenes which will make you stand up and clap along with the entire audience making you feel as if you are watching Dabangg with a female protagonist! (Did I just ruin it for you guys by comparing two completely different genres?)

Mardaani shows the real, naked and shabby truth with utmost bravery and brilliance, but at the same time, it has a story to tell which is a very personal yet social fight. Writer and the director are smart enough to avoid it from going feminist at any point and that is a triumph!

Rani Mukerji does complete justice to the role of Shivani Shivaji Roy and adds the required punch at many places in her signature style. Tahir Raj Bhasin surprises you with a killer performance playing the cool minded antagonist who treats female trafficking like a pure business and has made it ‘organized’. You hate him right from the first moment though he is not our traditional Hindi villain. You can’t stop praising him in the climax scene where he assures his colleagues that all will be fine and he will ‘sort out’ the things.

Support cast delivers some very fine and polished performances as all the acting canvas shines bright for Mardaani.

Dialogs are witty and clever at many moments as they build and release the tension at perfect spots. Most of them are literally ‘seeti-maar’!

Special mention required for super-fast and detailed camera work which shows the right thing at the right moment and helps the story look very polished. Also the background score is very energetic and makes a few scenes literally stand out!

All in all, Mardaani is not a feminist film though the protagonist is a female and the film is smart n engaging. Despite of a few provoking visuals and dialogs, we suggest you take your family along and must watch it!

4 Shor our of 5.

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