Mary Kom: Movie Review

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Director: Omung Kumar

Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Sunil Thapa, Darshan Kumar

Script: Saiwyn Quadras

No doubt that Mary Kom is one of the sports legends India has produced and that somebody felt like making a film on her life is a congratulatory idea! But this doesn’t mean that you take up her life and dramatize it into a run of the mill filmy stuff... So much so that you start doubting the authenticity of the real story!

Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom (Miss Chopra) is a feisty child in a typical north-eastern town in Manipur with her poor family. Of course it is her passion and yearning to learn boxing that takes her to the coach Narjit Singh (Sunil Thapa) who is a more angry person than her. Few minutes into the training and you see Mary Kom winning championships on International level. (Not) Acceptable!

She decides to get married to Onler (Darshan Kumar) who is a small-time football coach as he promises her that he won’t ask her to stop her sports career after marriage. Mr. Coach is unhappy with this decision, gets even more angry with this decision. She precisely does what coach expected, for a few years. After delivering twins, she decides to come back and rest of the film shows her inspiring comeback in the most uninspiring manner!

Just to avoid the spoilers, I won’t tell you where exactly the film falters. The characters are built in haste, they behave a certain way because they are supposed. There is hardly any insight into any of the character’s mind-space.

Director and script-writer are in hurry to finish the film and just show her winning all the final matches which all have been shot in the same manner. Hardly there is any point where you feel moved as audience, film progresses at a sluggish pace with highly predictable scenes.

The real failure here is that the director felt like adding more drama to this story which originally already is full with so much drama and so much inspiring incidences. It takes a brilliant film-maker to make such biopic and move you from within.

No, we are not expecting a documentary here. But an honest film showing her struggle throughout the training, success, personal life and comeback! An average newspaper reader knows the details of Mary Kom’s achievements, we don’t need a film to know about it.

Priyanka does a fair job as Mary Kom but her make-up looks very fake in all the scenes. Sunil Thapa carries the same angry emotion throughout and Darshan Kumar hardly passable as North Indian male. Also his chemistry with Priyanka is wafer-thin!

There are few moments which do make you take notice of the film. Priyanka carries the film with a genuine performance. For better understanding of Mary Kom, read Unbreakable.

2 Shor out of 5.

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