Mashcurrie - For this Valentine's day

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A beautiful place and delicious dinner! That’s what you are looking for this Valentine’s Day!

Yet, another time, we are here to tell you about the restaurant that’s in the outskirts of the busy city. Mashcurrie, the restaurant with speechless ambiance and irresistible food. It’s time to prepare for the surprises on 14th February. Well, if it’s your first date with her then nothing beats it. Mashcurrie is the name that we suggest.

Last time we told you the names of five dishes that we’d tried and the names are Tom Yum Phak Soup, Cheese Olive Tikka, Paneer Lababdar Sizzler, Nutty Oreo Shake and Gulab Ki Kheer. As we said, the list did not end then. Here’s one more list of few more dishes to try from:

Mocktail: Runsoon Thi Poon: Mix fruit juice blended with vanilla ice cream topped with sprite

Starter: Mushroom Duplex – Combo of stuffed mushroom crumbed & fried serve with tartar sauce

Pasta: Penne Arabiata Pasta – Classic spicy tomato sauce with the essence of Garlic and oregano

Fondue: Indian Breads Fondues – Crunchy Hariyali naan, cheese olive Kulcha & garlic naan served with fuming Dal Makhni

Parathas Combo: Churmuri Paneer Paratha – Parathas stuffed with lots of Paneer and served with Curd & white butter or Dal Makhni

Call on 079 30257202 Ext: 220 and book in advance

Address: 27, F/F, Amrapali Axiom Building, S.P. Ring Road, Bopal, Ahmedabad

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