Mattur Village - People here communicate in the language of Gods

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Sanskrit is the language of Gods but it need not apply to Mattur. Mattur is a village located near the city of Shivamogga, Karnataka.

What’s This :

From the moment you enter Mattur you hear a soft and dulcet conversation which sounds like a Vedic recital. Though it is a journey, which began about 500 years ago, Sanskrit has been modified as per the modern needs here by Samskrit Bharati. As one enters the village he is greeted with ” bhavatha nam kim? (What is your name?), “coffee va chaayam kim ichchhathi bhavan? (What will you have, coffee or tea?). The pronunciation of “Hari Om” instead of ‘hello’ and “katham asti” instead of ‘how are you?’ are common here.

It is one of the two villages in India where Sanskrit is the official language. The villagers speak a dialect called Sanketi, which is a mixture of Sanskrit, Tamil and Kannada. It has no written script. They read only in Devanagiri script and some in Kannada.

It all started around 500 years ago, when scholarly Brahmins migrated from Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu and settled here along the river bed of Tunga as was customary. King Krishnadevaraya, the then ruler of this place, wanted to donate land to these Brahmins, which they refused because accepting Dhaanam would mean accumulating sins. They felt the sins of the King would pass on to them. They only accepted charity from other Brahmins. So the ruler sent his emissary dressed as a Brahmin and donated vast tracts of land to them on which the arecanuts are now grown.

Mattur has a Rama Mandira, a Shivalaya, Someshwara temple and Lakshmikeshava temple.

Mattur’s twin village, Hosahalli, shares almost all the qualities of Mattur. Hosahalli is situated across the bank of River Tunga. These two villages are almost always referred to together.

Mattur and Hosahalli are known for their efforts to support gamka art, which is a unique form of singing and storytelling in Karnataka. These are two of the very rare villages in India where Sanskrit is spoken as a regional language. Here more than 90% of the population of this village knows Sanskrit.
How to reach:

Mattur is about 200 Kms in Mangalore.  By Rail – Parli Rail Way station , Palakkad Rail Way Station are the very nearby railway stations to Mathur.

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