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Triggered by the last awesome experience, we went back to Mazzo World café yesterday again. And again, this time around the food was brilliant. Simply put, MAZZO never ceases to deliver the right tasteful flavors to your taste buds. What attracts one is the uniqueness they try to bring in each dish. Just for your recap, Mazzo is an All Day Dininng Restaurant cum café that serves both Veg & Non Veg dishes, Indian & Non Indian Food & Drinks! 

Without much ado, let us take you all through our story of culinary journey yesterday. Here’s is: 
-    CHICKEN UP WAFFLE (NON VEG) : Heard of this one? Home baked perfectly soft waffle with caramel syrup served with fried spicy chicken. Sweet & spicy – will it go together nicely? O yes. Totally. 
-    ROASTED CHICKEN NACHOS (NON VEG): Nachos are nachos but with chicken shreds & home-made salsa dip it tastes different & awesome. 
-    SOUTH STYLE FIERY CHICKEN (NON VEG): You like KFC? You will love this anyways. Chicken legs coated with batter deep fried and hence crunchy outside and juicy inside! The outer layer is more on dark brown side due to the different batter they use.

-    PULLED SLIDER TRAY (3 MINI BURGERS) (NON-VEG): Man, man! Three small burgers with different chicken stuffings : BBQ Chicken, Jamaican Chicken & Lime Chilly Chicken. Remember we told you about LEMONY CHICKEN WITH RICE in last article? The lime chilly chicken is more or less same. Go for it! 
-    WASABI ALOO TIKKI BURGER (VEG) :  Mashed potato with wasabi flavors from Japan . 
-    MAZZO CUBAN (VEG) : Traditional Cuban sandwich grilled and rightly stuffed with the super delicious patty served with finger chips and perfect dips. Check out their options of stuffings (chicken, fish or veggies)
-    AMERICAN PIE SANDWICH (VEG) : Though adults too will like this, I’d say Kids would LOVE it. Its sweet, it has apple and served with maple syrup & fries. 

For those looking for something HOT or COLD in coffee, go for IRISH COFFEE & any FREAKY SHAKE. 
Though we suggest you visit the place & experience it; the lazy bones can also order food at home / office. 
See ya!

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