McCafe is now in Ahmedabad

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Filters: Non Veg, Dine-in

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Good News for Foodies, the first ever McCafé of Gujarat is now open at Himalaya Mall as well, off S.G. Highway.

McDonald's is expanding it's horizons and making it's presence felt in the city ever more so with introducing new products. At McCafé, you can enjoy all the quality beverages and more, in a warm and friendly atmosphere with personable service from its professionally-trained baristas.

Using only premium 100% Arabica beans, every cuppa promises a full-bodied taste, rich texture and pleasant nutty flavour with a slight hint of acidity and clean finish. In fact, McCafé's Cappuccino received a high rating, beating many established brands at the taste test. Apart from their speciality coffee, they also offer quality beverages such as Hot Chocolate, Hot and Iced Tea, also a selection of delectable cakes, muffins and pastries.

The McCafé line is, as far as I can tell, is an attempt to jump in on the growing popularity of coffee drinks that aren't just brewed coffee. Not a lot of people think of going to McDonald's for a latte but, things are definitely going to change now. For that matter, even I assumed the drinks were being made from some kind of pre-made mix, but when I ordered I spotted some actual bean grinder hoppers behind the counter. 

When it comes to our specific order, the MOCHA, did not have the extra sweetness layered on and had a sublime balance of flavour, which was not overwhelmingly sweet.  The balance of sweetness v/s coffee flavour was not bad at all. Whereas, the Mocha was good in it's own way despite a thing gone astray here and there. Their STRAWBERRY ICE Tea was pretty refreshing with no glitches as such and their DOME MUFFIN, or their VANILLA with CHOCO-CHIP MUFFIN or even their CHOCOLATE SLICE CAKE seemed to be more or less on the same level. Extremely fresh and surprisingly up-to the mark.

If I found myself needing a drink with no CCD nearby, I’d definitely consider hitting up McCafé for the same. Cheers.

-3, Wide Angle, Multiplex, SG Highway, Satellite, Ahmedabad
-Ground Floor, Himalaya Mall, Gurukul, Ahmedabad

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