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To buy medicines, you can now call / Whatsapp on 7600009616 OR, first of its kind website for Ahmedabad. Free home delivery.

Have you started adapting the online shopping trend? Yes, buying mobiles, cameras, clothes, shoes, jewellery etc etc is now common. Why? Because it is convenient and the option of Cash on Delivery makes it safe! While other cities/countries already have online medical shops, a start up in Ahmedabad has started same (or may be better) in Ahmedabad. According to estimates from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), more than 400 U.S. and foreign companies sell prescription medications online. But in India; we are yet to adapt this kind of Online shopping properly.

So let’s get started with Mediciya, an online platform started by a group of highly qualified and certified pharmacists and doctors in Ahmedabad, with the foremost objective of delivering quality medicines at patients’ doorstep. Yes, one of its kind concept in Ahmedabad, this is a revolution now! Benefits to order from Mediciya is, it is an easy and private way to buy prescription and over-the-counter medications (more than 95,000 brands), at a discounted price (upto 15%) which is applicable on all brands of drugs. As a team of highly qualified professionals, they value our customer’s time. Mediciya provides free home delivery of medicines without any need to rush to the pharmacy store during business hours.

All one needs to do is just send the prescription image on WhatsApp or a direct call or message to the directed number on Mediciya website, and get your medicines delivered at your doorstep without any need for standing in ques for long hours. One can place an order for medicines before leaving for your workplace in morning and get it delivered at your home by the time you reach in evening. It has further proved to be extremely beneficial to individual with a disability, sickness or illness who finds it difficult to move about and approach drugstores in their neighbourhood.

The benefit does not end here. Mediciya maintains an updated database containing information about its customers to keep a track of their medicinal history and guide them accordingly to avoid any possible drug-drug interactions. Isn’t it unbelievable? Not just that, they also keep giving monthly reminders and free health tips, they make sure each of our customers is taken care of at individual level. They also organize patient education seminars every quarter, where famous health care professionals provide consultations on life style related disease management (for major chronic diseases) and improvement of overall health of family.

So next time when you have to buy a medicine, just pick up your phone, click the pic of prescription and whatsapp it to Mediciya on 7600009616 or call on the same number! And yes, It is “CASH ON DELIVERY.” so let's welcome the revolution in healthcare delivery.


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