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The soul of good old Ahmedabad, packaged in a beautiful ambiance.

Even before the huts’ were established in our city, even before the guy came asking ‘Do me know?’ Even before the sub’s and much before the multi-cuisines, we Ahmedabadis had so easily claimed to know the secret of creating mouth-watering international delicacies.

I mean, I still vaguely remember, the summer gathering of family relatives wherein the only thing on menu was that pizza and sandwiches. After hours of chit-chat and playing cards, we relished the home made pizzas and sandwiches. I could still feel the taste of it and trust me till now, I just couldn’t get that authentic home-made taste of those pizzas and sandwiches anywhere in Ahmedabad.

But alas, there is someone who heard my tummy-cries, someone who cared to cater to the cravings of home-made pizza and snacks. This one café is unique to its taste. Settled in the busy corner of JB Road, Meet Preet Café, is that one option for those home-taste carvings. The café that reminds me the giggles of past gatherings and the only food menu.

At Meet Preet Café, we relished the moments again while having Farmhouse Pizza, Assorted Garlic Breads (Paneer, Jalapeno and Golden Corns.), Cheese chilly Garlic Sandwich  & Rajbhogh Milkshake. These are just some of the dishes that we tried but the menu is huge.

So why not relish the moments again? Go visit the cafe now!

Address: 7-8 Saman Complex Besides Satyam Mall, Nr Mansi Circle, Satellite

Time:10am to 11pm

Contact: 9974288755

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