Men, walk the trends with BeSpoke Threads @ Weekend Window!

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Exclusive range of some designer and trendsetting Men’s shirts by BeSpoke Threads – exhibiting their collection at Weekend Window – Stall Number: Y 11 – YMCA, 28th, 29th & 30th April – 04:00 – Midnight!

Men, enough of carrying those shopping bags and complimenting people on how fashionable they look. This time around, be the centre of attraction and flaunt your fashion. An Ideal option for you ladies to gift your man with a designer Shirt or for us men, the fashion option that we have been waiting all our life, BeSpoke Threads is that one indulgence.

BeSpoke Threads, exhibits it’s newest and to-die for range of men’s shirts. And for those who consider them as just one of the fashion options, wait till you glance through the envious range of some exquisite prints and some eye catching colours all brought together in some trendsetting designs.

For us men, we have always complained about how limited our fashion options are. 
But this time around, BeSpoke Threads breaks this myth and presents us with highly affordable and in-vouge fashion options.

Absolutely apt for the season and for any occasion, Men’s Shirts from BeSpoke Threads are the perfect choice for the fashion conscious men of the day.

BeSpoke Threads are exhibiting at Weekend Window, YMCA. So men, if you think, you have it in you to set the fashion scene on fire, dress yourself in a BeSpoke Threads shirt and be the men that you always wanted to be!

Contact: 9724442090

Tags: Men, walk the trends with BeSpoke Threads @ Weekend Window!

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