Mesmerizing Classical Dance Performances at this Festival!

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In India, we have quickly felt galvanized by various dance forms of the world, but in the lieu of admiring the same, our traditional art forms have been left unacknowledged leave alone appreciated. Once upon a time, every king in our country patronized every artist be it a musician or a dancer and they were considered to be the vanguard of the culture of a kingdom. However, the games of time vanished its influence but not so much so that it cannot be revived. With the mission to resurrect and bolster these enchanting Classical Indian Dances, Ice Craft has organized Classical Dance Festival for 18 | 19| 21 February, 2017.

We got the privilege to attend this soul soothing festival yesterday, and it goes without saying that the performances there shook our senses about the world. At the confluence of dance, energy, and music, we couldn't help but get transported to an all together different world as soon as the act of Sari - The Unstitched, unfolded in front of us on the stage. With umpteen intricacies of a woman's feelings, her world, her aspirations, the significance of Sari - a saga was delivered at this Classical Dance Festival yesterday, but let us tell you, the best is awaiting you!

Today, you would get a chance to witness Kin at this festival, which would make you experience the combination of Dialogue, Dance and Music delivered by Sanjukta Sinha, who is known for her superlative performances in the art world. On the other hand, on 21st February, a promising rendezvous in the form of Within - A Dance of the Soul shall await your presence at this one of its kind festival!

We recommend this festival because it would change your perspective and would make you see the world in a different manner.

On that note, if you are even remotely influenced by dance, music and the traditional art forms of India, then you must not miss Ice Craft's Indian Classical Dance Festival at any cost!

Dates: 19th and 21st February, 2017

Book Your Passes:…/ice-craft-classical-…/ET00053006


Address: Bodakdev AMC Auditorium, Behind Rajpath Club, Ahmedabad, 380059

Article Contributed by: Mohita Adhvaryu

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