Metropole - Stay with the themes!

It’s not new but it still has that newness. The hospitality and the service that you would expect. Any guesses what we are talking about?

Hospitality & Service! Of course a hotel and yes you are right! Metropole, the hotel. Yes, we went to this hotel for lunch. We loved the lunch but we just thought of checking their rooms and asked at the reception. And happily they said, “Yes, let us show you our thematic floors!” Ummm… Thematic? Yes, you just follow us! And the journey starts.

Hold on! Why did we not know about this so far? This is one of its kinds in Ahmedabad!


An imaginary circular motion filled shape. It has been subdued and harmonized into room décor with the help of contrasting blacks and whites. Yes, this floor has only two colors. Monochrome! Well suited for people in city for business is well suited!

Retro -

With its bright usage of colors, travel back in years 1950 and 1960. It’s retro floor. See those old beautiful paintings of popular Hollywood actors on your room walls.


Subtlety is the word, where the intentionally controlled use of colour is made up for the use of textures and weaves. Find a spectrum of materials such as leather chenille, jacquards, and polyester blends. Bathrooms use copper as the dominant element with authentic copper fixtures for a well derived kitsch look.


It’s FRESH! And fresh is green, aqua and gray. From upholstery to curtains and carpets, feel the freshnes of spring. Mood lighting enhances level four rooms

Alright! So this was our four floors journey and we loved everything on every floor. An eclectic mix of EXECUTIVE, SUPERIOR and SUITES, spread over four floor levels, The Metropole offers worldclass accommodation.


Near R.T.O. Circle, Subhash Bridge Corner,
Ahmedabad-380 027. Gujarat, INDIA.

Telephone: +91 79 3013 0200
Facsimile: +91 79 3013 0208

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