Metropole - Women's day celebration | Unlimited Lunch / Dinner buffet @ 50% off

Celebrate this Women’s day at Metropole | Unlimited Lunch and Dinner buffet at 50% off | Go ahead and treat the woman in your life with something special.

Metropole Hotel | R.T.O. Circle Subhash Bridge Corner, Ahmedabad | Call: 079 – 3013 0200

Statutory Warning for all men:  Ignoring this article can lead to you sleeping on the couch tonight!!!

No brains needed to know that today is International Women’s day. This day is the celebration of the various achievements of a woman in various aspects of life. Let her be a caring mother, an understanding Sister or a loving wife. A working professional or an housewife, women in every aspect of life and in whatsoever role they are into, have been more then successful.

It didn’t take rocket science to pen down the beautiful thought –  “Behind every successful man, is a woman”. Who so ever wrote this for sure was one person who knew about the strength and support that a woman displayed. So today, when the entire world is celebrating and accepting the importance of woman in our life, let’s not keep out of it.

CityShor  and Metropole hotel, brings to you one of the finest options dedicated to celebrating the day today.

Unlimited Lunch Buffet |

A spread of delicious cuisine prepared by some of the renowned chef’s of the city. Treat your woman to a beautiful and hearty lunch post which take her out for a outing in the evening.

Umlimited Dinner Buffet |

For those who are occupied till its evening, don’t lose your hope. Metropole has thought about you too. Enjoy the evening over a dinner buffet and thank your lady, let it be your mother, sister or your wife for being there in your life.

So don’t wait and think. Instead this one time act and thank. Trust us, a little appreciation and some gratitude expressed will be make your woman happy. She will feel on top of the world.

As someone righty said “ Woman has the most unique character like “Salt”. Her presence is never remembered. But, her absence makes all the things tasteless …!! “

Happy Women’s day to all. Thanks for being there for us. Thanks a ton.

Metropole Hotel | R.T.O. Circle Subhash Bridge Corner, Ahmedabad | Call: 079 – 3013 0200

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