Mexican Crispy Tortilla Pizza & More MustTrys @Zero Gravity!

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An exemplary space located in the heart of the city, which epitomises the fact that there is no love purer than our love for food - is Zero Gravity! And they are here with a new menu comprising of amazing dishes like Mexican Crispy Tortilla Pizza, Veg.Stroganoff with Mocktails like Snappy Litchi, Spicy Melon Orange Fizz and more.


Address- Top Floor,  Swapnil 5, Commerce Six Roads, Navrangpura. Contact- 9537820000


“Happiness is like Gravity. All it takes is a little push!” - Well, the new arrivals like Mexican Crispy Tortilla Pizza, Veg.Stroganoff, Spinach Cheese Cigar and more at this Terrace Cafe-Restaurant, Zero Gravity are that push!


Now that you already know how soothing the ambience of this place is, whether you are sitting inside in the dining area, or the lawns in balcony or even the terrace, let’s straight away move on to the food! Especially the new arrivals!


The pick of our experience is the Mexican Crispy Tortilla Pizza! Well, it is not exactly a pizza but if there is ever a pizza made out of twin tortilla layers with exquisite Mexican toppings, it will certainly be heavenly. Wait, they already did it! The Snappy Litchi Mocktail is the perfect combination to go with it!


The other is the Veg.Stroganoff Dish - It comprises of Pepper Rice with Curry (the most delicious ever) and Star Fry Veggies! Add the Spicy Melon Orange Fizz with this and it makes up for a perfectly satiating meal!


The others are too, not worth leaving behind-

Enchiladas (Baked dish)- Nothing similar to the baked dishes that we have tried till date!

Cheese Cigar Rolls, Herb Cheese Balls, Spinach Cheese Cigar- They make up for a perfect starters! The melting cheese is going to burst in your mouth, with the first bite!

Mexican Hotpot- does this even need a description?


And last but not the least- Summer Fresh - The bartender’s special is based on seasonal fruits! It is a surprise in true sense!


Whether you want to watch a football match with your friends, play table tennis for hours at a stretch, partake in awesome conversations over yummilicious shakes and food or just gaze out at the ever-bustling city centre and the tiny rays of sunlight peeping through the shades; nothing beats ZERO GRAVITY’s almost idiosyncratic, lush green and truly effervescent ambiance.

Host your intimate gatherings here or just come alone to feast your stomach and soul but make a promise right now to visit here ASAP. MUCH RECOMMENDED.


Address: Top floor, Swapnil 5, Commerce Six roads, Navrangpura.

Phone: 09574940509

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