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Mickey Virus

One movie that could have gone viral but alas, the virus is too weak.

Strong story & good thought but badly, poorly treated. For reasons that can not be explained, I was expecting it to be a different movie, a movie that will fall in the league of Vicky Donor. Yes. It did fall. Other way round. Disappointing to the core. Such movies, essentially, should be unpredictable which it is not. Not at all. It could have been a great movie, had it not been for the poor knowledge of hacking and movie direction of the makers.

Meet young street smart hacker, Mickey, who can break into best of the internet security system. Police wants him to work for government to get hold of a group involved in cyber crimes. A lazy give-a-damn guy that he is, he doesn’t wish to help police and prefers to fall for a girl who works for a bank. So a hacker meets a banker. Ya now you are getting there. Hacker, banker, a group of cyber criminals, police, a set of poor predictable twists, backdrop of Delhi … Rest is nothing but a Director going bonkers and audience calling it a day.

Heavy on Delhi style dialogues, most of them come across as forced upon than naturally said. In fact, a few scenes are created for the sake of thrusting the so called brilliantly funny one liners. And then there are in-your-face scenes that ideally should have been subtle. Guess Director has no faith in IQ of common man.

The first half is more boring than the second one. Manish somehow and is the only saving grace. You sit through, if at all, the movie only because the guy had made you sit through many boring episodes of many shows. Call it his bad luck to have started his movie career with this one. Other actors are also not bad. You wouldn’t hate the movie but wouldn’t feel it was worth your time and money.

All in all, 2 Shors.

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