Midnight Buffet at the Metropole Hotel

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Navratri chaalu thai gai. After the hassle of what to wear, where to head there is a post hassle as to where to eat. If you've been hunting for a place to eat, post midnight after dancing your heart out, it might seem impossible to find a place to dine. Don't we always get back to you at the apropos time?

For these nights Metropole Hotel has initiated a Midnight Buffet starting from 11:30 pm till 2:30 am. They have laid out a menu that embraces the culinary styles of the India, Italy, China, Mexico and what amongst their wide variety. Not only do they offer this range but nothing is stagnant, a cyclic menu is prepared just for you. Eat and relax at their 24/7 All Day Dining Coffee Shop ,where the spread will also include live counters for Pasta or Noodles or Quesadillas and what not.

Apart from the buffet you can always laze about at the 24/7 All Day Dining Coffee Shop till dawn if you may since it is open around the clock as it is always delicious. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night and everything in between, this café is a great place to sit back and relax with friends or grab some takeout and keep on going. Along-with your Cappuccinos and Espressos the café has also features a menu most apt for the local palette which is as diverse as the day is long for the moment when the hunger hits back.

So, if you want to sip hot coffee and savour exotic dishes well into dawn, here's a chance to do just that. Cheers.

Address: The Metropole Hotel, Near RTO Circle, Subhash Bridge, Ahmedabad.
Contact: +91-079-30130200

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