Millowners Association Ahmedabad

Couple of weeks back, we told you about “Shodhan Villa” by Le Corbusier

Smitten by his great piece of work, we tried to find more building done by him some 50 years back and guess what we got?

Millowners Association Building

Millowners association building is situated on the western banks of the river Sabarmati which passes through the city. The site is a trapezodial plot of land. The site for the building was three-quarters of a mile north of the Museum, also on the west bank, but at a point opposite the old city. It was to be an exclusive club suitable for business meetings, receptions, and lectures. It therefore had to contain an auditorium, a dining room, offices, seminar rooms, and a lot of generalized space for parties or exhibition displays. The building is strongly categorized by form and planes. There are two lateral planes on the sides which are opaque and the two frontal planes which essentially orient the building towards the river. The front facade has diagonal brises-soleil to avoid the afternoon sun, due to this the building keeps cool relatively. The entry to the building becomes ceremonial and directly ahead on axis, a ramp extends this theme by providing a gradual ascent, which suggests that the promenade architecture will gently unfold. The insertion of staircase and ramp in front facade gives depth to the overall building.

The air flows through the building, uninterrupted by neither facades nor the floors, and escapes through the large perforations placed in the building astonishingly uncluttered by its function. Within the building, while moving around, one witnesses magnificent play of light and shadow.

The key movement for construction of promenade architecture is Mill owners building. In spite of its relatively huge size, this building witnessed the crystallization of all elements responsible for making up the experience of a journey. The physical and the intellectual journey acquired from different places become a tangible, shared experience in Millowners building, Ahmedabad.

Contributed by Poonam Jhaveri

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