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Mumbai, the city of dreams as we all know, is so into street food! People love the local cuisine so much that, some of the food items have become a part of sophisticated restaurants! The one mouth watering dish I can think of when I say Mumbai is, Vada Pav! The fried potato vada, inside a bun oozing tamarind chutney and powdered with garlic; that is just yummy yum yum!

Gujarat is also famous for its street side Dabeli, but here in Ahmedabad, we have found authentic Mumbai/ Maharashtrian food, enough to tingle your tongue with satisfaction! Situated in one of the crowded complexes in evening time, Mumbai Live stands at the corner, but it is not worth letting it go unnoticed. As you walk further into the complex, on the left stands a small store sized standing restaurant, Mumbai Live.

The owner of the place, he is extremely into authentic food, and enjoys savouring Gujarati food when here, but also wishes to bring the traditional food of Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The Vada Pao at the store is so different from what we generally eat here. It has a taste of its own, and if you are a fan of getting your taste buds a difference in taste, walk yourself here! Apart from this, you can also choose to have Kothmir Vadi, another traditional dish made in Mumbai, on all evening family occasions. As simple as it looks, double the taste it has!

When we talk Mumbai, it is impossible to visit and not have Misal Pao! The spicy hot curry dominated by peas and onions in which swims pieces of bread, soaked in the masalas. The way the make it, with various layers, including that of dry sev, is definitely worth a try! The food in Maharashtra is dominated by Garlic, and if you are a fan, then this is one affordable place you must visit.

To chill your sweat off, Mumbai Live offers glass full of Buttermilk and also Mumbai's specialty drink called Kokum Juice. This refresher, is enough to calm you down in the 42-degree heat that you enter inside from! Gulp down as many as you can, as they will never burn a hole in your pocket! This very decent looking place, is enough to take you to Mumbai for a short while! While you are there, also try the samosas! 

Author and Picture Credit: Hemali Adhiya


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