Mississippi Earrings

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In a quaint clean corner of this city is a place dedicated to that one piece of jewellery that lifts every woman’s face. Earrings. And the place is called #Mississippi Earrings

#Cityshor Readers might be surprised to know that Mississippi Earrings has been operating rather understatedly for more than 2 years and 6 months now.

What do you expect to find at Mississippi? Finely crafted earrings in 925 Silver (also called Sterling Silver). You’ll find collections of Jhumkas, Hoops, Huggies, Drops, Dangles, Chandeliers, Big Studs, Small Studs et al. As you can see in the pics, these earrings are found in a variety of sparkling CZs, pearls and natural gemstones.

How about prices? You can find something for as low as 200 bucks and it can go way up to 5000. Majority of the collection falls between Rs.1000 and Rs.3000. That means, for the price of one small pair of gold earrings, you can end up having close to 20 pairs of fine Mississippi earrings.

If you are fond of earrings, if you like experimenting with your looks, if you match earrings with your dresses and moods, you’ll surely find some good stuff at this place. Check it out.

115, Primate, Nr. Judges Bungalows Crossroad, Bodakdev, #Ahmedabad

Phone: +91 – 814 000 2228

Time: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Website: www.missi.in

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mississippiearrings

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