Mizan by Vraj:Bhoomi!

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‘MIZAN’ Spring Summer ‘14 collection by Vraj:bhoomi from 8th to 10th May.

They have successfully completed their one year and still the spark is strong & fresh!

Vraj:Bhoomi, the brand for Eccentric, Diverse, Candid and Cheerful you! On their first anniversary they present MIZAN – An indigenous collection of Ajrakh printed garments & Accessories.

Mizan in Urdu means ‘BALANCE’ and it often refers to the divine guidance that lets humans weigh and measure the propriety and justice of deeds. Mizan is an effort to strike the balance between, Traditional yet modern; Classic yet Contemporary; Oomph with Elegance!

Experience ‘MIZAN’ with Vraj:bhooomi’s Spring summer 14 collection! The collection is especially for the women of today who are out there in the world carving their niche, making their mark in striking the balance and bringing order to the otherwise chaotic world. Mizan is our ode to the women, to the power they represent, to the balance they strive to attain the perfection in their lives.

About the brand, Vraj:bhoomi’s roots lie in Gujarat, a flourishing vibrant state with its true colors of rich heritage and cultural traditions. The textile crafts of Gujarat that reflects through the medium of expression, culture, moral and traditional values is the very essence. There is so much that the state has to offer in terms of inspiration: the music, culture, costumes, traditions, skilled craftsmen.

The beautiful textiles energized and embellished with hand techniques, the desert artisans and the diverse cultures of Gujarat have been a lifelong inspiration for BhoomiDani, Founder & Creative Head at Vraj:bhoomi.

They persistently seek to reintroduce traditional Indian textiles & lovingly hand-crafted clothing by skilled artisans to suit urban, chic and comfortable everyday fashion that you can wear anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

The beauty and authenticity of the label rests in the textile process, where materials pass through the hands of one craftsperson to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of the handmade and creating pieces that has a unique story to share. The resulting garment evokes a strong sense of culture from which it originates.

The look is not about an age group or season; it is about a belief, a willingness to ‘be the change’ and have passion and respect for Indian Textiles.

We would like to take you down the road less travelled and less explored.

So don’t forget to visit their exhibition from 8th to 10th May and explore the tradition!

Address: Ground Floor, 1, Rang Kunj Society, Naranpura Cross Roads, Ahmedabad

Contact: 9825603588, 9925007970

Time: 11am to 8pm

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