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Doing up the interiors, or re-doing the house or just changing some aesthetics of it, needs a lot of thought and brainstorming. Even after doing so, the moment we reach the design store, we get all confused and lost. Monal Jain’s MJ design house caters to all your needs under one roof!

Already a thriving interior décor boutique in New Delhi and a significant presence in Ahmedabad, Monal Jain is all set to meet all of you today and tomorrow. Why are we insisting to meet her?

Firstly, she is definitely someone whom you should not miss meeting. For those who don’t know Monaj Jain, she is a professional designer with an insight for creative designs. She holds a vast exposure in interior designing, the head of Design Unit Interiors and has worked with renowned architect (her father) Ashok Purohit. Also, she is just available for two days in the city.

Secondly, Monal Jain’s sense and taste of décor is literally not worth missing. If being flamboyant is an indulgence you cannot shy away from, Monal Jain’s interior designer studio is sure to spoil you. She has set up a ‘mock-up’ house, which is inside a real house, and gives you a chance to see what it will look like upon completion. It’s a three floored house which is specifically established to help you see exactly which kind of furniture will look good in what kind of place. Each room is customized from the bed covers to the pillows, bed spreads, and rugs and the side table, chairs, and chandeliers.  So indulge in the world of ravishing interiors and enticing furnishings. Take your time when you walk through the aisles of creative décor and relish every detail of the wide selection before hand picking the perfect classics that will embellish your heavenly abode.

Renowned for its contemporary designs from Moroccan beds, copper bars and chandeliers, Monal customizes everything that you desire, to match your personality. Each decoration and furnishing is one-of-a-kind, so exclusivity is the brand’s USP. The design house is a one place destination where every minute detail chandeliers, tables, chairs, beds, Sofas etc are sold. Not to forget that she customizes as per your house too! And we are sure we should not be saying that she uses best of the materials to make your house a home - A lot of brass, glass, Polysilk, cotton, hand embroidered cushions, pure silk and various other high end materials are used. 

So get ready to experience luxury the bling style and redecorate your place of Zen from a choice of timeless masterpieces. If nothing else, visit them and experience what’s creativity in its true sense.


M J Design House

93, Rangwala Towers, Opp Judges Guest House, Ellisbridge

079 – 26563183 / 26465559 / 98730 95246


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