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This is one of the latest entrants in our city and after writing twice about them, they have gone bonkers. The place is not located in the city but in the outskirts and is superbly quiet. Shamiyana! Yes, the name is now enough we guess. But we can’t stop telling you about their new recipes and delicious dishes every time we visit there.

Jumping on our food experience directly, our tasting started with Arabian Kafta. Looked like simple nuggets stuffed with Paneer but that wasn’t the case. Have it with South West dip and you’ll love the combo of slightly bland dish with tangy dip.

The next recommendation is for cheese and spice lovers. Cheese Chilly Cigars! Rolls sprinkled with chili powder stuffed with lot of cheese, chilli flakes and Oregano. Trust us, it’s full of cheese and still spicy but we loved it.

Jerked Potato Wedges – Well, don’t go by the name. If you love potatoes, you should try this. And not to forget the dip again! Hush Puppies – It was the cheesy game again but a difference of course. Layered with corns and filled with the cheese and some more ingredients. It wasn’t spicy but great in taste. 

Fritto – Misto platter: Well, the names are really cute, aren’t they? The platter had potato wedges, onion rings & cheesy nuggets. Papa’s Rellenas – Stuffed Boiled potatoes to be eaten with creamy curd. Well, there is definitely a relation between these stuffed potatoes and the curd. A bit sweet but still tastes awesome.

To all those Piri Piri lovers, they have Piri Piri Paneer Kebabs. Fried Paneer layered with Piri Piri seasoning. Mac & Cheese Spring Rolls – Filled with Cheese and Macroni, this was bland in taste. But when dipped in sauce, oh man! This spring roll is just perfect! Well, if you are not so hungry then just go for Mac & Cheese spring roll and you’ll be full.

We are not done yet! Are you in love with Sauté Vegetables? Don’t forget this! Try Verdure Trifolati! Not only vegetables, it’s mix with garlic bread pieces & Cottage Cheese. It was truly finger licking! Have you all tried lasagne? What are we asking? Of course, everyone has tried but what about Tandoori Paneer Lasagne? Yes, this you have to eat like sabzi roti. In the plate you’ll have Tandoori roti with Lasagne. Yes, definitely you should try this unique dish.

And this is how we ended! With three rice dishes! 
First was Jambalaya, a South African dish! Rice prepared using more than 15 spices, rice lovers would go crazy with this dish. Second was Chilaquels. A traditional Mexican dish to be eaten with rice. And last was, Thai Red Curry and they call it Gung Phet Phak! It was hot, spicy and a great combination with steamed rice.

Okay, so we said enough about the food and that we tried 14 items in just 3 hours but was it worth? Well, read the article again to understand how all the items were different and so delicious! Nothing is left to say now! So why not go there on a drive in the evening, have dinner with your partner and enjoy the quietness of that place! 

Shamiyana Restaurant, Besides Venus Party Plot, Koba Circle, Gandhinagar

Contact number:
9879000164 | 9879000759

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