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Probably the only “Shudh Mansaa-haari” place in city that serves authentic non-veg delicacies prepared in a pure desi style - Desi Chulha, now serves the most delicious Matka Chicken!


*Matka Chicken is served only on prior bookings (before 24 hours)! So, hurry up book your experiences for the weekend! Call- 9998830487 / 9228271913


Opp Sabri garden restaurant, Rajpath club lane, Golf club road, Bopal, Ahmedabad


This unique dish requires a unique process of preparation! And, as they say- “Good things take time”, so does their Matka Chicken!


“The most tender and juiciest of Chicken which looks raw, but is full of their home made tastiest masala!” - the most apt way to describe the Matka Chicken at Desi Chulha! One of the best Chicken dishes we have ever tried!


After a 15 hours+ marination of the chicken in their unique home made masala, the chicken is wrapped airtight in foils. This chicken is now placed in an earthen pot which is again sealed air-tight and cooked in a pure desi style for over 3 hours!


As fascinating as the procedures sounds, it tastes equally delicious! In a gist, one of the best kind of Chickens that we have ever tasted!


Enough of eating out at the places where things are kept pre-prepared and mixed together when you order. How about trying authentic Non.Veg. like Matka Chicken prepared in a desi style? To add up to it, the ambience gives a perfectly desi feeling!


So, go ahead and book you experience at the earliest!


Venue- Opp Sabri garden restaurant, Rajpath club lane, Golf club road, Bopal.

Call- 9998830487 / 9228271913

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