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Introducing for the first time in Ahmedabad, a....."workshop "  for Mom and Kiddos (from toddlers to 6 year olds)  to learn and dance together, to make music and move to it together making it a unique experience altogether 'cause after all, before anything else, teachers and parents have always taught A B C D E F G H to children with the help of a song.

More than anything else, its the most cute and fun activity where a Mom and her kid can get involved. Before we get into the core details of it all, we personally thank SYMPHONY KIDS for introducing such a refreshing concept to Ahmedabad. If you have never experienced or seen it, you should definitely be an early bird to check them out as she doesn't have a lot of slots available. You can't complain that we didn't warn you in advance. 

So, what do they do exactly?
SYMPHONY KIDS brings you a high-quality Music & Movement Program for Toddlers to 6 year olds and Mothers. This Program bonds a mother and her child together in a magical time of play, song and movement, where they move creatively to various Musical Moods and develop a sense of balance, timing and spatial awareness.

When we personally went over for a shoot, then did I realise, the fun & positivity the class radiated and behind all the fun activities, there is a deep science within. But before you get into the same, isn't it one of the biggest wishes for all the moms in the world to dance with your kiddo? Trust us, it is a sheer pleasure to watch, let alone to dance with kids. A big load of fun!

The beauty of it all is that, a lot of learning happens without your kiddo realising the same. The Action Song Dancing is for co-ordination, Musical Stops to develop listening skills, Musical Instruments to explore sounds and effects, Stories to teach rhythm and introduce early teamwork and the Nursery Rhymes & Songs to encourage speech.

The entire 'class', if I may term it to be, had a different aura, the like of which I have literally never experienced prior to the shoot and I assure all you budding mommies out there, that you will experience the same. 

Call Mrs. Purvi Parikh on +91-9913266366 to book the seats, before they run out. If you are wondering, that the distance to the workshops might tend to create a hassle, do not worry as, she organises them at three places in the city. Cheers.

Mondays & Thursdays - Olive Green Kids School, 14 Naran Park Society, H.L.College Road, Navrangpura
Tuesdays & Saturdays - Shiromani Residency, Nr.Nehru Nagar Circle
Wednesdays & Fridays - Olive Green Kids School, 27 Haveli Bungalows, B/h T.V.Tower, Bodakdev

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