Movie Review - Creed

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Rating: 3.5

The story revolves around Adonis Johnson - Apollo Creed's son from infidelity, & his rise in the boxing world with Rocky Balboa at his corner, while he tries to live upto his father's name in the ring, against an opponent deadlier than any.

+The climax fight, the emotions, the drama, will make the Rocky fans melt on the inside.
+A surprise package when it comes to acting by Michael B. Jordan, while Sylvester Stallone gets a revival in terms of a solemn Rocky Balboa.
+The soundtracks, collaborating with the cinematography will leave you at the edge of your seats.
+A crowd-pleasing story, much at par with the first Rocky, that picked up 3 Oscars.

-Though it drastically picks up in the 2nd half; The 1st half tends to get a tad bit boring.

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