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After a lot of hype, DEADPOOL hits the big screen, with the origin story of 'friendly' mercenary Wade Wilson! Move aside Ironman, Superman, Batman and all the 'super-heroic men' in the world for, DEADPOOL is here to screw you all for, he delivers a movie that is simply KICKASS!

The movie hits the right spot from the very first go as the opening credits are simply awesome; Unlike anything that you have ever seen before. What follows is Deadpool's origin story, wherein there is romance with an escort, him discovering the fact that he has cancer, and after being subjected to a rogue experiment, is armed with new abilities & a twisted sense of humor!

Violent and self-aware and surprisingly amusing, the movie has it all! For some, it may have quite a bit of violence, with a couple of scenes showcasing quite some gore, leaving one queasy; And then there is sex of course, making it fit for only a certain type of movie goers but, hey! We aren't complaining for, it indeed makes for a exhilarating affair!

Talking about the cast, then (obviously) Ryan Reynolds takes the limelight for, he is the perfect fit for DEADPOOL. He certainly seems to relish playing the wise mouth, and a sociopathic killing machine who frequently directs his witty observations to the audience, making it a wondrous experience altogether. 

You think Batman was your savior? Think again for, DEADPOOL is The Hero, that we deserve for which I give the movie 3.5 Shors on 5!

(P.S. If you thought Ironman was witty, you will literally ROFL when you meet his 'baap'!)

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