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NOTE: Stop at a medical shop, buy an Aspirin, put it in your pocket and you are set to watch this movie.

Director: Rohit Dhawan
Cast: John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Saqib Saleem and Akshaye Khanna.

John Abraham’s hunky looks and his insolent attitude, make up the description of his latest role as police officer Kabir in the action drama Dishoom. He’s the kind of man who smokes in an elevator, puts an unsuspecting man’s life at risk and kicks the poor guy out for asking him to light his cigarette off. And also he smokes in a police vehicle putting on gunpoint the officer of Abu Dhabi, who instructs him to throw it away as it hinders the laws of the department, this act of stupidity, and showing the spinelessness of police officers is nowhere cool, instead blots the reputation and respect of the police force and also makes us question John Abrahams acting and script choosing skills! 

Then we have Varun Dhavan in the role of the Abu Dhabi police officer, Junaid , who desperately wants to be recognized and respected, trust me on this he really tried to act in this one, but like all other movies, just couldn't. How far can he go with the same monotonous bubbly, stooged swagger?  We have seen him do the same thing in several romantic comedies such as Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania, Dilwale and Main Tera Hero — and it’s getting old. Seriously, “janta jawab chahti hai”, how are you not bored by yourself already?  

Jacqueline Fernandez has aced it with her fashionable and ziesty look. She plays Ishika, a recovering drug addict who pickpockets for a living. If that didn’t make you wonder and laugh, she also claims that she can help Kabir and Junaid get entry into a dangerous Middle Eastern city filled with dangerous armed men. How she got those skills and resources isn’t answered in this film. And also if that wasn’t enough to answer how insensible the movie is, and then I should tell you, she can dance well, around hundred sloshed men, and is protected by two officers, who don't even have guns. Seriously?

Akshay Kumar has a cameo, and you can see him in a man bun, and also what we see is John and Varun in their briefs, and why? Because they had to step in the pool, which has knee length water, boys you are better then this ! 

Talking about the plot that happens to be a no brain drama, itis about two police officers tasked with solving an important kidnapping case. Indian cricketer Viraj Sharma (Saqib Saleem) has been abducted before an important India-Pakistan match by a scheming bookie (Akshaye Khanna). The criminal wants the celebrated batsman to throw the game and buy into his match-fixing dreams. It doesn’t take much to figure out his evil plans, but Kabir and Junaid (Dhawan) take a long time to track him down. Their investigation leads them to an underground Middle Eastern city, and in all the chasing and finding the kidnapper, they manage to free the cricketer and how we leave it on you to go and see and scoff over it !

1.5 shors out of 5!

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