Movie Review - Ferdinand

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Director: Carlos Saldanah

Voiceover by: John Cena, Samantha Morton, Russell Peters, Paul Freig, Chris O Dowd and Diego Luna


Looking for a heartwarming tale to make you feel good in this cold weather? Go and watch Ferdinand!


Ferdinand is a fresh tale of a bull minus the rage. This bull likes to smell flowers and live amidst nature. The story is adapted from ‘The Story of Ferdinand’ by Munro Leaf. Right when Ferdinand was a calf, he stayed with Nina, a little girl who loved Ferdinand unconditionally. Their montages are going to make anyone go "aww". But soon, fate twists and Ferdinand lands up in Casa Del Toro where he is supposed to fight with a matador. But the bull is a soft-hearted creature who does not believe in any sort of violence.


Ferdinand wants to escape but in order to do that, he has to convince the other bulls and find a way out of Casa Del Toro. The film gets a bit slow post-interval and the screenplay could’ve been tighter. But the climax makes it up and leaves you with a smile.


Hollywood has done some magnificent work in the past and is excelling film after film with its animation films which are so accurate and smartly written. The camera work and animation are brilliantly executed for a 3D film but the major highlight is the background score which complements the flowery texture of the film perfectly.


I give this heartwarming tale 4 out of 5 Shors.


Reviewed by: Karan Bhatt

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