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Finding Dory is a story about the friendly but forgetful Blue Tang fish 'Dory.' She is reunited with her parents after an epic journey she takes with her friends to find them. As she connects the dots in the pursuit to find her parents, she crosses the ocean with her friends Marlin and Nemo to California in a Marine Life Institute. She makes some new friends and meets some long-lost ones. And everyone learns a few things about the true meaning of family along the way.

Before I even begin speaking about Finding Dory,there must be a special mention about the preclude to the movie which comes in a form of a brilliant Animated Short Film. This unnamed short film without dialogue gives you a glimpse about life on the sea shore for the creatures living there. It sets the mood just right before you embark on your journey with Dory the Blue Tang Fish in the big blue ocean. A story about the Plover birds, it depicts the struggle of a newly hatched baby plover trying to find its food. It is indeed a brilliant depiction as the different emotions that the plover chick goes through and its physiological details are shown wonderfully. Moreover, despite without a dialogue, the background score and the amazing sound design speaks more volumes than words could have. Such a simple story shown so beautifully! The film accurately captures the wading behaviour of Plover birds on the Sea Shore. The authenticity is pure genius.This teensy glimpse of a film goes to show only one thing. Animation film-making couldn't get better than this! It's perfect and ideal! All this from the Pixar Studio team!

Moving on to Finding Dory, we must say Pixar deserves a pat on the back. It is well known how sequels can disappoint and dampen one's memories of the original production. But not with Finding Dory. It is one of those rare movies across categories and genres that keeps the essence of its original franchise; in this case, Finding Nemo. The story telling is neat, superb and absolutely immersive. The characters are just as adorable as in the first installment. Some quirky, witty, smart and touching dialogues takes the movie a notch up. The anthropomorphic nature of the film is just enduring and too hard to miss. Its attempt to weave together 3 different worlds of the vast ocean, a comparatively limited marine institute and land where the humans live is absolutely commendable. The plot is cohesive. The pace and run-time, crisp.

This is accompanied with an equally brilliant animation work. It won't be an exaggeration to say it is almost magical. Hank, a notorious yet adorable octopus is shown in a rather miraculous way as he blends and camouflages himself in the environment. The animation work of the camouflaging octopus is simply seamless. Another noteworthy mention is about a diverse show of different environments from the marine ecosystem. The detailing here is immaculate. A mesmerizing deep blue colour of the ocean is as immersive as the lifelessness and isolation of the dark waters in the ocean and in the pipes of the Marine Life Institute. Not to mention, the detailing of the characters is superb.The background score and sound design is simply enduring as it adds more character to the story. 

The Voice Over Actors do a more than a phenomenal job as they put some mighty life into these rather small marine creatures. Needless to say, Ellen DeGeneres is the well deserving star of the movie. Her potrayal of the protagonist Dory, the Blue Tang Fish suffering from Short Term Memory Loss is smooth as the role is a challenging one. Special mention of Sigourney Weaver as 'Sigourney Weaver' as the Public Address Announcer at Marine Life Institute! Her first address in the movie as she introduces herself might leave you in splits!

Contrary to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory is truly about a self exploration journey that Dory chances upon in the pursuit to find her lost parents. This is an essence of the movie which could not be more genuine. Finding Dory is one of those rare gems from the Animation World of Pixar that will leave kids, young and old all delighted. You might walk out beaming with oodles of enthusiasm and joy. This one is a must-watch for all animated movie lovers.

4 Shors out of 5!

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