Movie Review - Great Grand Masti

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Director: Indra Kumar
Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani and Urvashi Rautela.


Take the same old plot of the original Masti, about unfaithful husbands looking out desperately to have an affair, merge it with the plot of Ragini MMS-2 and add garnish it with over acting, cleavage shows and sexual humour that might be funny to the middle schoolers, and your ever disappointing dish of “Great grand masti” is ready! PS: serve it cold as it’s already “tasteless” and only recommend it to the people you hate the most!

The great grand masti, marks the return of the funny trio of Aftab Shivdasani, Vivek Oboroi and Ritesh Deshmukh, as the yet again go through the same course of disloyalty and wild sexual encounters with a GHOST till they again realize the value of martial commitment! The number, of times the phrase “GREAT GRAND MASTI” is mentioned on-screen, can only be equalled by the number of shots that meaninglessly zooms in for cleavage show of randomly attractive characters on screen, or the number of times when Ritesh, Vivek and Aftab deliver the pinnacles  of their career ending performances, by show casing their talent of over-acting!

The music is the most bearable part of the flick as I predict the songs “Resham ka rumal” and “I wanna tera ishq” will be a part of lots of fresher’s party and sangeet performances!  Other than that, the loose plot line of the film is barely disturbed by the songs.

What makes the movie more disappointing is the numbers of talents it had wasted for the sake of sexual objectification or to buildup caricatures which deliver senseless comic relief to the almost non-existing serious plot of the movie! Yet, the movie is still able earn few sympathy laughs till the first middle part of second half! After which, the ideals of loyalty in marriage are forcibly installed, ironically after the very next scene in which three of the main protagonists try to lure one of the guy’s mother in law to have sex with them! (Kudos Indian cinema!)

Yet, there are two good parts of the movie. The above average performance of the budding talent Urvashi Rautela, you could see it in few frames when the camera is not focusing on her bosom (which happens during the 80% of the time of her on-screen appearance!), funny few minutes long speeches and witty one liners delivered by Sanjay Mishra as Antakshari Baba!

Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you about the plot though, NO! I didn’t because (surprise, surprise!) there is none! Still if you want to give you a brief summary of loosely knit events that appear on the screen that let’s do it!

“Great grand masti” Is a story about three unfaithful husbands who take a journey to fulfill their sexual desires and to sell off, one of their friend’s old ancestral “Haveli”, so they could get the money! In the following events they are trapped in same house by a lustful ghost who wants to enjoy her first night with one of these guys, eventually they learn the value of sacred oaths of marriage and the importance of trust factor in a relationship by fixing the match of the horny ghost who has daddy issues, with the ghost male-prostitute dressed as a cowboy! And at the end everybody sleeps with everybody to redefine the term “HAPPY ENDING”!

Here, this is what “Great grand masti” is all about! The movie which was a parody of the first part of its series! This movies collections might be harmed by the second week’s victory march of Sultan and by the same date release of kids’ favourite animated series “ICE AGE-5”. We leniently give “Great grand masti” a generous score of “0.5 SHOR”!

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