Movie Review - Ice Age: Collision Course

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Directors: Mike Thurmeier and Galen T. Chu.
Cast:  Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Lopez, Simon Pegg and Chris Wedge.

After 4 movies, you should know exactly what to expect from ICE AGE - Collision Course. You have yet another catastrophe threatening the Ice Age World & the trio are back again, embarking on a journey to save their herd.
Dumb humour, a simple plot, a few highlights here and there; and of course there is Scrat, who still can't be with his acorn for 5 damn minutes. *siiiigggghhhh*

Story wise, there is literally nothing worth a mention. Manny's daughter is all grown up, and wants to marry and move out. He of course doesn't want her to. Diego is planning a kid of his own, with whosoever his female counter part is. Sid is errr..... Sid - Annoying, lame, and of course desperate to find a mate; and I have no idea why do I even bother to pen down the obvious for, there is absolutely NOTHING new!
If there is something to keep you on a 'rusted' hinge, would be the one-eyed-Buck, constantly yapping away; thankfully shushing the other lot.

The highlight of movie honestly came in the form of a certain, very well known science guru that makes for what are probably the most amusing parts of the film. If you know, who he is then you will admire the scenes in all certainty; if you don't, well..... you won't. Apart from that, just about everything is 'dumbed' down; distracting enough for children under ten, but tedious for anyone beyond that for, it will make you wish you were doing something else. ANYTHING ELSE!

1.5 Shors on 5 is all I can muster; maybe just in remembrance as to how awesome the first movie actually was. Cheers.

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