Movie Review - Independence Day: Resurgence

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Director: Roland Emmerich
Cast: Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman and Brent Spiner.

Plot: After the alien attack in 1996, the earth unites to build a retaliation system as another attack by the ETs is much expected. As expected, the aliens strike and this time they are very well prepared.

A mammoth, mother of all ships that covers almost quarter of the planet earth lands on earth to invade all its resources and advance their own technology. ( If I were them I would first steal all the nice clothes from the planet instead of running around naked!)

To save the day America takes the leap and charges ahead to save the world along with a little help from the Chinese.Preparing for catastrophe, the 'been there blown that' computer guy David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) tries to understand the peculiar happenings before the actual war while eyeing the nerdy psychologist trying to understand aliens. The now ex-president, Whitemore ( Bill Pullman) also joins in along with the new president ( Selma Ward) in taking important decisions and planning for combat along with a warlord from Africa. Special mention to Spiner who wakes up from a 20 year old Coma, just in time to help with the defence from aliens.

While the oldies are busy taking decisions from Area 51, the young guns including the smitten couple - Jake Morrison ( Liam Hemsworth) and the ex president's daughter Patricia (Monroe), Dylan ( Usher) and Rain ( Angela Baby) are out there in space fighting the creepy aliens, getting back at them for losing a loved one. Meanwhile, the 'queen' of the 'hive' is down on earth chasing a school bus through the Nevada.

After a lot of destruction, slime and grime ultimately, the earthlings emerge victorious. However, the movie leaves us with a hint of possibility of Independence Day 3 being made soon.

The fight sequences, the space ships and technology are pretty impressive. However, the story fails to impress. The Independence Day Resugence certainly does not live up to its prequel. You might want to give this movie a miss.

2 Shors on 5!

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