Movie Review - Kabali

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Director: Pa. Ranjith
Cast: Rajinikanth, Winston Chao, Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Dinesh Ravi, Kalaiyarasan, and John Vijay.

After a lot of hype, offices being shut down South, tickets booked for days together, the super star's KABALI hit the theatres; and here is what we have to say about it:
The director has tried to incorporate everything that we love of Rajnikanth - his legendary screen presence, trademark style, one liners, the way he beats up crooks in his typical style but, sadly it still doesn't entertain us to that level. 

The movie doesn't have loads of action thus, less of the Rajni that we all love; add onto that drama and emotions - it is a khichdi that just doesn't go well. You don't realize whether to whistle in the movie or to actually appreciate the acting or camera angles or God knows what. It simply leaves you confused.

Though there is no great story to it all but, one does need a filler between Rajni's screen presence. The movie starts in Malaysia where Tamils are ill-treated and need a savior to save them. Nelson Mandela alike Kabali, who fights for their countrymen spends 25 years in prison. He comes out and takes revenge for his wife's murder and also rescues his daughter from the enemies. Of course in the process, he becomes the leader of Tamils/Dalits in Malaysia and improves their conditions tremendously. There are good number of flashback scenes in the movie where he looks “young” and its sure to make his fans feel nostalgic.

Though the movie is not a complete entertainer and we have dared to give it 2 Shors; we are sure that for a Rajni fan, its going to be an experience. Slow motion walks, stylish poses, crisp dialogues will surely explode theatres with applause.
Many have tried, as many will in years to come, to recreate the magic of Rajinikanth but, he is probably the last superstar of this world to have such an aura.

Despite our rating, it is surely a masala flick that you have to go for, over the weekend.

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