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When you set out to watch a Dhrama production film you know there will be family drama and grandeur Karan Johar style but, Kapoor and Sons; Based in the most scenic places of Coonoor, has a very mellow charm to it.

While as the promos promised, Rishi Kapoor will only make you fall love with his cute old man act to perfection, reminding you of your grandparents. His humour and those many little things he does only to gain attention will awe you. His heart attack results in his grandchildren flying back from abroad in a jiffy.
They return home to see of what has happened with their parents, no it was beyond the typically annoyed wife and the tired husband.

Amidst all this you know that the brothers don’t look eye to eye for there are differences. The grand dad lightens up seeing his grandchildren only to show a pervert side of his which also gets you cracking up.
Alia plays Tia in the movie who is in Coonoor selling off her grandfathers estate and bungalow, hostess to a crazy party with the hot favourite number ‘ladki beautiful’ is how boy meets girl happens. If you wondered how Sid & Alia were as a couple you’d be so happy to see them, their eyes light up and their chemistry is just undeniably cute. Does she have a thing with the elder brother and how? Is your thing to find out..

Rishi Kapoor shares his last wishes but will the family broken with differences consider what does the old man want?
The second half is full of revelations some shockers, some sad ones, the movie shows how individual life is of importance in today’s age and is the new culture. But when the time is needed we all do herd up as one, that’s the beauty of families. The old man wont cease from making you smile Rishi kapoor is a stalwart of an actor and seeing Ratna on screen was heart warming. Sid is a charmer; Fawad seemed a misfit in the whole movie.

All in all, we would give KAPOOR AND SONS, 2.5 Shors on 5!

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