Movie Review - Madaari

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Director: Nishikant Kamat
Cast: Irrfan Khan, Vishesh Bansal, Jimmy Shergill, Tushar Dalvi and Nitesh Pandey.

Ae anpad baith sheekhsha baante,
Dharam dilon mein boye kaante,
Roti maango milte chaante re.

These lyrics from the song duma dum dum, is the perfect description of the bureaucratic system of India, as Bollywood has seen a lot of social thrillers lately, this one directed by Nishikanth Kamath is a average yet heart wrenching story.

The plot of Madaari, is the story of a common man Nirmal Kumar (Irrfan) who loses his son in a tragedy caused by corruption, and decides to seek justice by kidnapping the son of the country’s home minister (Tushar Dalvi). Jimmy plays the young yet experienced cop, who heads the search operation. The thought behind the movie, will be best understood by a father, the desperation Irfaan khan shows in his character, to find the answers for the death of his 7 year old son, and the naked truth shown of the corruption in the system is soul stirring but what lacks is proper narration and nail-biting thrill in the story line. 

Nothing about the movie attracts a viewer more than the presence of two proficient actors, Irfaan khan and Jimmy Shergill. Where on one side Irfaan moves the hearts with his acting skills, call it his dialogue delivery or the way he has shown the emotions of a common man who gets caught in the vicious circle of politics and corruption, and looses his loved one, and then we have Jimmy Shergil back in his cop role but with a little nuance in this one, he sounds like one of those corrupt, licking the boots of the powerful, type of police officer but is actually a cunning planner of strategies and adheres to the truth.

Also Tushar Dalvi, the lesser-known name in the Bollywood industry has shocked us with his powerful screen presence, and is solely responsible for the hair-raising climax of the movie.
Vishal Bansal playing the rich little boy who gets kidnapped, has amazed us by the maturity in his acting and the bond he creates with Irfaan Khan he says is the “ stalk home syndrome”, leaves a smile on our face and makes our heart happy. 

The spark of the movie has to be the two songs masoom sa and duma dum dum, the beauty of a song these days is less judged by the lyrics and more by how dhinchak the song is, but these songs will make you want to peacefully listen every single word and will move the soul if not your feet.

Also this movie contains some hard-hitting dialogues, that helps it become an average movie, like the opening dialogue “Baaz chuhe pe jhapta, use utha le gaya. Kahaani sacchi lagti hai magar acchi nahi lagti. Baaz pe palatwaar hua, kahaani sacchi nahi lagti magar acchi lagti hai.”
And the dialogue Irfaan khan says to the home minister whose child is kidnapped “ awaaz ke tewar se laga bada sahab bola, par aawaz mein kuch aisa tha jisse laga baap bola”.

So, Will Irfaan Khan find the answers to his questions? 
Will he get caught? 
Is kidnapping the only solution to find answers? 
We leave this curiosity of yours, unanswered, for you can enjoy the movie better. While, we give the movie 2.5 Shors on 5!

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