Movie Review - Qarib Qarib Singlle

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Cast: Irrfan Khan & Parvathy

Director: Tanuja Chandra


That old world charm of simplicity and lack of complications in life is what we seem to miss these days and that’s the exact world where Tanuja Chandra’s latest film comes from. Though the plot starts from an online dating website, as the film proceeds it takes you on a journey that showcases 3 characters unfold in a sweet yet relatable way. The characters are Yogi (a mid-aged nomad who has an air of mystery around him) and Jaya (a 35-year-old widow living on her own) & the relationship that they share (it has its own beautiful ups & downs).


While sketching the journey of these characters, the director has created some real-life moments and executed them with minute details and that’s where the beauty of the film lies. Jaya & Yogi meet via an online dating platform and in their second meeting itself (a bit difficult to digest considering the kind of lady Jaya is) decide to set out on a trip that includes Rishikesh, Jaipur & Gangtok. The purpose of this trip is quite stupid though, they together want to meet all the Exes of Yogi (no, this plot has nothing to do with Bachna Ae Haseeno!). But that makes for a fun ride which is more of self-realization & less on emotional drama, which is a very welcome change we admit!   


The film does not judge any character that comes on the screen even for a minute and it somehow helps you understand them in a much broader way. Both the actors pour in their sincerity immensely and it benefits the film to be an engaging watch despite the slow pace.


Toning down of all technical aspects such as camera and background score seems more like deliberate decision here rather than budget issues. The viewer is engaged more in the characters and their journey rather than the picturesque nature where the story takes us throughout. Also, the director smartly avoids overuse of background music and lets the viewer on his own to interpret even the slightest of emotions.


Hindi film industry deserves a talent like Parvathy who has the guts to make debut with a role that shows her as a 35-year-old widow. Kudos to her and the makers of this film for giving us the feel of old-school romance and charm where relationships weren't rushed and love had its own pace!


Go watch it & come out with a smile on your face

Rating: 3 Shors out of 5.

Contributed by: Alok Thakar

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