Movie Review - Raaz Reboot

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Director: Vikram Bhatt
Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora.

14 years back when Raaz hit the theatre, it created a niche for itself. Back then, the movie was scary, spooky and rightly deserves a few more adjectives. Then came the second – it was Okay; forcing us to wait for the third which was equally Okay.
We waited and then forgot the franchise till they announced RAAZ REBOOT. This time, for some reason, we thought it will be better than the first one. We got excited again, mainly because of the trailer, cause it does give you the chills.

So does it live up to the expectations? Well, RAAZ REBOOT has all the elements that you expect in a horror movie – a secluded big beautiful house that doubles up as romantic & haunting at the same time, some secret, good use of CGI / VFX, a good looking & sexy actress, a mysterious bhoot with intention of hurting / killing lead actors or anybody in general.
The bhoot has to (yes, compulsorily) pop out of closets, in bathroom (their favorite), beneath the bed, in the mirror & a few more obvious places. You think they cannot kill who they want to kill, in the first few minutes? Then why wait? To scare you, boy! Why else? And whether RAAZ REBOOT scares? Yes but only in a few scenes.

The problem with RAAZ REBOOT is not the story (nobody gives two hoots to a good story line in horror movies, anyways), the problem is not even with the acting, nor the location or the technology (if at all) … the problem is that the scary scenes, the background music, the distorted, disfigured scary face, the dialogues, the priest & almost everything is just too obvious. There is absolutely nothing new that you get (except a bunch of new actors if that helps).
You have seen them all in some or other movie – The exorcism of Emily Rose, Exorcist, Conjuring, 1920 & a bunch of other good movies that still give you the chill. Ok fine.. You still get scared at a few places but, nothing that haunts you even for an hour after the movie is over. Good but blend, simply blend.

The movie starts with a couple moving in a beautiful house in Romania. The guy, for some reason, is not happy & is suddenly secretive about something. The girl feels the house is haunted. The guy disagrees. Finally she gets possessed. Now the guy is convinced. Has to! Rest … your guess is as good as mine.

I could have said the saving grace is Emraan but no. His role is more of an extended cameo and he seem to have lost his charms (if he ever had any for you, that is). Music? Yes but only when you listen to them in car not when you watch it in the movie. It takes away the whatever little scary-ness the movie was already struggling with. Acting? Well Kharbanda does a real good job. She is good. Gaurav carries one single emotion throughout the movie (consistency, anybody?). You may consider him somewhat a look-alike of Karan Grover (heard of Karan?). Then there are 2-3 more actors that you cannot connect with.

Overall, I am not looking forward to Raaz 5. No I won’t. And as for this movie, I will give it 2.5 out of 5 Shors. 

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