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Directors: Vincent Kesteloot and Ben Stassen.
Cast: Matthias Schweighöfer, Kaya Yanar, Ilka Bessin, Dieter Hallervorden, and Aylin Tezel.

Called The Wild Life in the United States but distributed everywhere else as Robinson Crusoe, this movie is a loose adaptation of Defoe’s age old castaway story, but this time with a fresh perspective from the point of view of a few chatty creatures and one animal protagonist eager to discover the outside world. 

The movie is pleasing to the eyes with its skies, sand, ocean, an idyllic island overflowing with lush trees and pineapples and the wide variety of animals; which in other words is called Paradise. The use of the camera which makes the 3d technology pop out is appealing as well and the directors have managed to make the boring years of Crusoe being shipwrecked into an excited synopsis for easily satisfied young audiences, at least. The highlights of the movie include the adorable British dog Aynsley (which in a sad turn of events was killed too soon) and the tree house that Crusoe builds along with the critters, a marvellous spectacle to behold.

The storyline is clichéd and unpromising and the dialogues mediocre at best. With half the plot given away right in the prologue with Crusoe being rescued by drunken pirates the readers can easily figure out the rest of the story wherein Crusoe befriends the strange animals, lives happily together and fights off villains. With no stable background to fall back on, the directors are forced to keep things lively with a wild chase by shabby wildcats every couple of minutes. Yes, you heard it right! The villains in the movie are not pirates but unrelenting evil cats with a platoon of equally ugly offspring (which i don’t think is going to run well with cat lovers around the world). 

The movie lacks insight and imagination with only the reliable hope as savage sidekick Friday (a nod to the original novel) which in this case is a brave Macaw Tuesday. 
Overall, the younger kids will forgive the minus points for its moral of friendships against all circumstances and odds but the parents will have to try not to either get caught while sleeping or figure out what is wrong with it for the entire one and a half hour. 

1.5 Shors on 5.

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