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Director: Nishikant Kamat
Cast: John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Nishikant Kamat and Sharad Kelkar.

Releasing a movie on the same day as Batman vs Superman requires a big set of balls; But, sadly simply having balls isn't enough to nail a movie. You have the same bulky hero, going alone to destroy a gang of drug dealers, to save an innocent soul.
Anyways, talking about the story; Well, it is all about Rocky (john Abraham) saving his 7 year old neighbor from drug dealers, simply because she reminded him of his dead wife and the to-be-born child.

Though John looks extremely dapper in his suits and the action sequences showcase some pretty amazing knife fighting skills; His acting skills have always been amiss. So much so, one tends to shy away from the screen whenever a song comes forth, or he 'romances' Shruti Haasan.

The script doesn't offer any great scope as it is for, albeit the first 25 drab minutes, the film is packed with back to back, back to back, and back to back action sequences.
The director tries to revolve the story around a couple other ideas but, never realised when to stop; Till a point wherein you tend to forget the crux.

With a trailer that generated quite some hype, ROCKY HANDSOME horribly failed to live upto the same for which I give it 2 Shors on 5. Cheers.

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