Movie Review - Tamasha

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Rating: 3

The movie revolves around the story of a guy who loses his self by living according to the social conventions (A story of the majority of middle class men in India), and a girl helps him discover and do what he always loved since childhood.
+Corsica as the location, and Music by AR Rahman is stellar.
+You would want to watch a couple of sequences, over & over again for they are simply that good.
+Despite comparatively less screen presence, Deepika Padukone steals the show.
+"Agar Tum saath ho", will be atop your playlist for days to come; Especially once you see the movie.
-Not as gripping and enticing as per expectations.
-Meant only for a matured audience and not for the masses.
-The psychotic behaviour of Ranbir is something that you can't relate to in real life.

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