Movie Review - The Legend of Tarzan

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Director: David Yates
Cast: Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Samuel Jackson, and Christoph Waltz.

The story begins with a civilised version of Tarzan ( Alexander Skarsgard)  who lives in 1884 England. He acts like a caged animal inspite of living in his ancestral home that happens to be nothing short of a huge mansion. He is then called upon to visit and view supposedly good work done by King Leopold II which is actually a trap laid by the Belgian King's trusted man Leon Rom ( Christoph Waltz)  to lure Tarzan into his ferocious enemy 's dungeon in exchange of Diamonds that will save the king from Bankruptcy and help the king enslave Congo.

Tarzan gets a true insight into the actual atrocities  of the king from George Washington William ( Samuel Jackson)   who a hia own reasons to save the people of Congo from being enslaved.Jane ( Margot Robbie)  who is also brought  up there wants to tag along and after slight hesitation Tarzan agrees to take her along. Alas! Rom manages to take her away from Tarzan and decides to use her as bait .

Jane's character is extremely refreshing as she fights like a strong, fearless woman unlike any other damsel in distress.
The story follows their journey that sees a lot of digital animals fighting and befriend the Tarzan as George Washington  tries hard to keep up with the Jungle Man. Finally the ferocious enemy and Tarzan come face to face. 

The movie is a complete entertainer. The mighty Congo has been covered extremely  well. The big apes and other animals are endearing as well. 3D doesn't  do much for the movie apart from a few scenes.
In all 3.5 shors!

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