Movie Review - The Revenant

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Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson, Will Poulter, and Duane Howard.

While the majority of the Media and the world keeps on raving about THE REVENANT, I would rather face the ire of my "unpretentious" review than, join the masses by stating that - THE REVENANT, is nothing but, an over-hyped piece of cinema, which is under the spotlight simply because of Leo's efforts of bagging an Oscar.
Now! Now! I am no fancy critic with a background in the film industry, and horn-rimmed glasses hanging low over my nose; In fact, I am one of your regular movie goers, who fusses over the sky-rocketing price of a Tub of Cheese Popcorn, and minuscule Colas that go along-with it. 

With light pockets, a bloated stomach, colossal regret, and oodles of free time on my hands, lets talk about the movie.
Well, the story revolves around Hugh Glass's (Leonardo DiCaprio) survival after a deadly bear attack, & his journey to track down John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), who betrayed & abandoned him. There you go! It is nothing but, an unnecessary glorified tale of revenge spanning over 2 and a half hours!

The film even picked up quite a number of baubles at the Golden Globes for their efforts, and I admire it as well but, deep down I desperately wanted it all to end.
The things that went in the movie's favour was it's visual aesthetic for, just about each and every corner of the screen looks truly alive. Though the bear was CGI, it was every bit as scary as it was intended to be but, what went in the movie's favour also went against cause it seems like the director couldn't simply get enough of the 'beauty'.

Talking more about what went against THE REVENANT, was Glass's recovery. Well, they didn't really have a time stamp but, his recovery from being horribly disabled to able-bodied without any ointments (off all things in the world) was 'remarkable' to say the least! More so, the flashback sequences were beyond cliched, with his wife popping up every now & then to simply adhere to the name - REVENANT; Which by the way, means ‘a person who returns in spirit after death’. (Don't worry, even I looked it up)

No matter how drab it might be, you have to give it to the Director and his team for, everything on the screen is real, albeit the angry bear of course; And even the actors deserve credit, specially Leo for, he does so much! He caters to his own wounds, falls off cliffs, wades through frozen water, slits open a dead horse to sleep within for warmth, and even eats a raw bison liver!
The surprise package came in the form of Tom Hardy. We all know what an accomplished actor he is but, with the movie primarily revolving around Leo, who didn't really have any dialogues to master but, grunting at intervals; Tom Hardy's accented visuals came as a fresh change.

Onto the most salient question - Should you opt for THE REVENANT?
Well, it solely depends on how strong your stomach is for gore, and whether you can relate to such stories.
As for me? Like i said, I did admire it but, was immensely relieved when it was over. Cheers.

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