Movie Review - The Shallows

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Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Cast: Blake Lively

Let’s begin with our expectation. We all are well aware of how many Shark movies have come and gone over the years and how it always ends with one of them surviving but with great difficulty. Now that’s what we all expect THE SHALLOWS to be about also, but that’s not the case.

What start outs to be a beautiful day at the beach, a beach which Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) has been longing to go for many years now. With the help of a friendly local she manages to reach this place with ease, and though a thousand miles from home, the journey seems to be worth it from the moment she reaches here. Clear skies, the sound of birds chirping flying around in sync and the unmatched peace felt when powerful waves clash against each other. The visual & sound effects definitely caught my attention.

But, right when you begin to imagine the beach, the thriller starts. After riding a few waves…No more silent waves, no more birds in harmony, instead Nancy Adams finds herself in the midst of the feeding ground of a great white shark. What sets out from there is an entire movie of thriller as Nancy fights for survival while going head to head with a  Great White Shark, or do we say head to teeth.

In terms of story, the concept being familiar the movie did manage to stand out in terms of the Slow-mo effects, visual graphics and the great thrillers which will keep you entertained throughout the movie and is a definite one time watch. CityShor rates this a good 3.8/5.

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