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There is an old quote that states “ don't buy drugs, become a popstar and they will give it to you for free”.
Even after all the disclaimers shown,  “Udta Punjab” is a no fiction movie, showcasing Punjab the land of five rivers in its true sense as the land of trippers being ruined in the addiction to drugs.
The movie starts by showing a never seen before supply of drugs across borders and the extent people would go for a packet of “powder” as Alia Bhatt calls it in the film. 
It’s astonishing to see the deplorable drug problem in Punjab and the impact it has on the youth of the state. The film gives a credible anti-drug message, though looses the story somewhere in the message delivery.
Talking about the films protagonists, the heavy star cast has left no chance to amaze us with their impactful acting.

Shahid Kapoor as Tommy Singh, the idol for the clueless kids is worshipped like god and followed blind eyed. The “fuddu” as he calls himself is a lunatic popstar with winged shoes and a streak for craziness and finds it difficult to understand how great of an impact he has on the kids, till he is locked up in jail and realizes that two kids killed their mother for fulfilling their drug cravings.

Sartaj Singh, a one star policeman is exactly like every less powered policeman is portrayed in the country. Going with the flow of corruption in the system, nothing changes till he almost looses his tommy-loving brother because of drugs.
He with the help of Dr. Preet,played by Kareena Kapoor,  a bold, smart doctor, sets on a mission to stop the drug supply in Punjab.

Meanwhile Alia Bhatt as the Bihari hockey player has set a mark in our heart with her soul-stirring acting and the struggle to earn money and follow her dreams. The guts she shows in fighting the drug dealers are not to be missed.

The film is trying to show us the dark side of the druggy world but is a little confusing in its first half, whereas the second half has a plot to bring you on the edge of your seats.

And talking about the music of the film, Amit Trivedi has a voice for every soul and gives the perfect music and context to every moment. Shiv Kumar Batalvi's dazzling poem Ikk Kudi as a literal part of the narrative soothes me like no other.

According to me this movie is a little more then just the music, the protagonists, the screenplay or the director. This movie is about every single person fighting with himself in a desperate urge to leave drugs. It’s about the brutal reality, which needs to be seen and felt. It’s about the many innocent people who find drugs the fastest and the most helpful way to get out of every trouble. It's a movie that stirs you from inside and makes you want to sit and think about the haunting effects of drugs on people. The thought of it is giving me goose bumps; yes just the thought of it.

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