Movie Review- 12 Strong

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Director:Nicolai Fuglsig
Cast:Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, Michael Peña, Navid Negahban, Elsa Pataky
Based on the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, producer Jerry Bruckheimer has made rather heart-warming and serious cinema this time around. This movie celebrates the undying American Spirit and commemorates the avenging of the tragedies that Americans have had to face. One witness the US army soldiers grow from mere soldiers to warriors proving the General’s accusations wrong. Having said that, the movie doesn’t do justice to the much cheered American Heroism. The storyline begins to plod towards the last 15 minutes.
 Chris Hemsworth along with Oscar Winner Michael Shannon play the leads in this movie. The villain, a Taliban commander Said Taghmaoui, is introduced in a rather tantalizing manner wherein he beheads a mother of two young daughters in front of them from the ‘outraging’ crime of reading. Such a scene would’ve been a bit of a stretch and reductive, only if it were unreal. However, such imaginative graphics turned out to be uninteresting after a point as the scene purported personifying “evil” and not to add to the plot. 
The war scenes were well shot but were overpowered by force. However, if you’re a fan of Chris Hemsworth, you cannot miss Captain Mitch Nelson’s low manly voice and disarrayed dark hair. There’s no objectifying here, as his godly looks only add to his savior role and natural talent of sharp-shooting.
Despite the strong cast and fact-based storyline that is close to many hearts, the movie noticeably lacks a level of depth. It is forgiving due to the saving grace of the leads Captain Mitch Nelson and his troop while they fight the terrorizing gangs in the villages across Afghanistan. Terrorist groups are uprooted village by village as the US military’s plan to put an end to the training ground of the deadly “Al-Qaeda”. 
The movie could be watched once as it is a heartfelt tribute to the war-heroes of 9/11 in Afghanistan. However, apart from horses being ridden and wars being fought much like a combat video game with each village turning into a new level, the movie doesn’t add to my ‘must-watch’ lists. 
 3 shors out of 5.
Reviewed by: Mitali Semlaani
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