Movie Review : Cars 3

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Cast: Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Armie Hammer, Larry the Cable Guy, Nathan Fillion, Kerry Washington, Cheech Marin

Direction: Brian Fee

Genre: Animation

Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes


After watching "Finding Dory" I was revved up for another Disney Pixar magic and it was a long wait (1 year) for this one. Unlike Cars 1 which was a happy-go-lucky animated story with the usual moral lessons or Cars 2 which went  on the cash grabbing James Bond path, this movie talked about hard hitting real life issues that got too serious too fast.

Lightning McQueen is fighting aging (Who isn't?) and is struggling to be relevant in today's day and age with the presence of faster and sleeker car models. He is up against the new hotshot in town - Jackson Storm, a smug and glossy model that leads to McQueen becoming yesteryear news. The story revolves around him trying to find himself with the help of his mentor Doc Hudson (Late Paul Newman) and a businessman (read superfan) who helps him get proper training to hit the road again. It may seem a bit stretched and dreary but with the right kind of humour keeps the audience intrigue. With pumped up songs during the racing scenes and McQueen firing past the checkered flags the young ones are surely going to jump with delight.

It was important for the Car's Franchise to deliver something meaningful after a sans passionate story of Cars 2 where the main focus was on a side character Mater and not on Lightning McQueen himself which left audiences disappointed. The Cars 3 story might get too solemn for kids it hits at the right places for adults so when the kids are enjoying the adrenaline rushed scenes we are sitting back and thinking the exact thoughts reverberated by McQueen on self-existentialism.

The story does pick up towards the end, with surprising and welcome turns in Lightning McQueen's life. Owen Wilson does a great job as the voice of Lightning McQueen and though the animations are brilliant the movie comes off as a commercial and safe route for Disney Pixar who are the ones behind enchantment like Toy Story and Inside Out. I believe a lot can be done with anthropomorphic automobiles apart from race tracks or gear changes. They could have taken us into an era when cars didn't exist and showed us how it all started. It would have been a movie without racetracks but with a strong story. It indeed is the best add on to the company's "cash cow" franchises and surely their Theme Parks are going to see a huge line up after the release, same goes for the merchandise as well.

Watch this if you are in a mood for a lighthearted take on a grave issue as there isn't a captivating story. The movie sure does end on a graceful note when Lightning passes on the baton to newer, younger cars and finds peace. The end is heartening when the young cars start rooting for a female race car named Cruz Ramirez only to assure us that the world might just be moving in the right direction!

3.5 Out Of 5 Shors for this one. 

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