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Disney-Pixar crafts magnum opus animation pictures with a narrative that comes straight from the soul. What makes Coco extraordinary is that this one comes after a series of some faulty films that did not do well. The movie was first released in Mexico, and it has slayed records by becoming the highest grossing film the country has ever had! And why would it not?


With the inception of this mobile-arrested generation, Coco shall come as a solace to many parents. I highly suggest that children over five should be exposed to the enchantment that this movie caters to! It discloses what life is actually about, in a way that sways them, animation!


Set in Mexico, Coco is about a young boy, Miguel, a progeny of the Riveria family that lives on set traditions; traditions that Miguel is hardly fascinated in. Since eons, the family devolves on the tradition of being adept show makers, while Miguel wants to be a musician just like his long forgotten great grandfather was.


The big muddle, the ban on music in the Riveria family that upsets Miguel who does not believe in any of the family rituals! Accidently, Miguel reaches the Land of the Living Dead, an outlandish setting with fashionable skeletons, who wait for the one day of the year when their living family members will put up their photographs in their commemoration, the day of Dia de los Muertos! Apparently, only those dead members, who are reminisced, get to cross the bridge and go back to the Land of Living as Spirits!


While at the Land of Dead, Miguel bumps into all his ancestors who also do not apprehend his love for music, for his great great grandfather had abandoned the family years ago to become a superstar. Yet, his aspiration to be a musician does not get crushed and with the help of Hector, he tries to get to his great-great-grandfather for his consecration to go back to the Land of Living before sunrise. Hector’s only condition, that Miguel will go back and place his photograph during the festivity so that he can visit his loving daughter, Coco.


The movie is heart whelming and soul-stirring because it has it all. Disney Pixar makes it a point to create charm and magic that leaves behind a message for everyone. Coco has it all. The love for family, the sensitive bond between a father and daughter as well as the fact that, sometimes dreams lead us the wrong way, a lane that estranges you and your family! At the same time, it arouses one to chase your dream the right way, it instills one to learn from blunders and that there is nothing that an amorous family cannot forgive!


The animation in Coco is sterling, which is unerringly what Pixar is all about. The colour schemes, the large sumptuous backgrounds, the well-designed land of the dead with a world make the work look stellar. The rainbow coloured spirit guides in the form of dead animals are like the last strokes of the painter’s brush that make the contrast in the pictorial stand out!


Long shots establishing locations, vocals that connect you with the characters as good as real (has to, it is voiced by stars like Anthony Gonzalez,  Gael Garcia Bemal, Benjamin Bratt, Renee Victor to name a few), melody that keeps you with the movie at all times, twists that are jaw-dropping and emotions that are prodigious! How else do you outline an enjoyable movie?


This saga is one that is skillfully constructed with unprecedented storytelling that enthralls the audience with a jingle to ‘Remember Them’ by!


An out-and-out must watch for this weekend; don’t leave your kids out, and if they already are, re-live the worthy old Disney spells!


Reviewed by: Hemali Adhiya

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