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When The Force Awakens ended with heartbreak for some and hope for others, the lingering message was clear : it was only the beginning. The Last Jedi opens with the same ominous note as Finn (John Boyega), Rey (Daisy Ridley), and Poe (Oscar Isaac) deal with the aftermath of the 2015 movie.


The movie picks up with a bittersweet battle led by Poe against General Hux’s (Dohmnall Gleeson) commanded Dreadnought, a fleet-killer by ability. As the victory and losses trickle in, Finn awakes to the lingering question that has motivated him from his introduction to the franchise: Where's Rey?. It leads to questionable answers, as is the staple of Star Wars in general, and we are introduced to our first Asian lead of the franchise, Rose (Kelly Marie), who is the embodiment of fan turned hero when she steers a way with skill and wisdom that came from her childhood on distant mines.


Speaking of distant lands, the movie takes us to Ahch To where an embittered Luke attempts to forget his past even as Rey reminds him of it with every attempt she makes to bring him to the Resistance. Though Rian Johnson toys with some dragging sequences of Force connections between Rey and her nemesis during this time, it pulls through with tempering moments of genuine regret and past guilt reflected on the island. The effort to pull on some throwbacks to Revenge Of The Sith in terms of tone balances out with the enduring theme of survival as Rose, Finn, Poe, and BB-8 try to battle time. When war veteran Admiral Holdo( Laura Dern) seems dubious to the viewers who see the horizon, it is jolted back during a key moment that sometimes it is important to see the problem that lies right in front of you. The wisdom and courage of the seniors acts as a perfect foil for the charging energy of the younger rebels in the movie as we see through the end.


While this movie is heavy to carry forward, owing to the loss of the legendary Carrie Fisher, it is clear that the end is never near when those who resist remains. As one leaves the Jedi’s spectacle from the hall, it is to the fading reminder of the one truth that Star Wars has always taught - hope shall always remain alive.


Reviewed by: Maya P

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