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Based on true events, The Conjuring 2 is a sequel to the horror sensation that chilled everyone’s spine, The Conjuring. The amityville haunting has undoubtedly sunk into our minds and has changed our perceptions about supernatural forces. Just when the sequels are scaring people away from the movie theatres, here comes another that is deliberately scary (in a good way).

Being a person who doesn’t believe in supernatural existence of any sort, I found the story a little too cliched when comes to horror movies. A demonic possession of a little girl and how the family members, the church and experts of paranormal cases come together to save her. Whether one believes it or not, in the end it all a fiction. Despite of our doubts about the afterlife, the paranormal or religion, The Conjuring 2 tells us a story with utmost conviction which makes it easy for the audience to believe it while sitting through the movie.

But I should tell you, James Wan has done a brilliant job of adding a twist to this story. Being an extremely talented filmmaker he knows how to play with the audience. How to build tension with each scene and how to tease the audience until the climax. The performances by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farminga, once again, is brilliant. With their amazing chemistry on screen, they've performed with absolute ease and empathy.

Madison Wolfe who plays Janet, has pulled off an outstanding performance. She makes every incident seem effortlessly real. Wan has mastered to capture the scream moments wonderfully. The movie doesn’t fail to terrify the viewers every now and then.

Too obvious, but the climax is the best bit. With all the tension built, the climax lets out the huge twist. If you follow correctly, the movie also elaborates on the characters of a Demon. Like bait, torture, lying, joy in other’s suffering and the sort. It ends beautifully with Ed and Lorraine saving Janet, and themselves.

Clips from earlier fo the actual Hodgson’s case are shown at the end to prove that the movie is based on a real life story in North London.

Is it jump out of your seat, scream till your lungs kill you scary? Not really. But the movie has it’s moments. Cityshor rates it 3.5/5 keeping the direction, performances in mind and the fact that it’s based on true events. We would say definitely go watch it, we never miss good horror movies, seeing how the choices are hardly a handful.

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