Movie Review- The Maze Runner

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Director:  Wes Ball
Starring: Aidan Gillen, Barry Pepper, Dexter Darden, Dylan O'Brien, Giancarlo Esposito, Jacob Lofland among others. 
Directed by Wes Ball, the finale to the Maze Runner trilogy is a bangtastic end. You can expect a lot more adventure, a lot more thrill toppled with a couple of "you-son-of-a-bitch" here and there. The performances are great and movie in itself was a great one. 
Without twisting the plot in a surrealist manner, the action keeps you glued to the screen. Being a Maze Runner fan, I would've expected a major boom to end it with. Nevertheless, the explosions, the stunts and chases save the day for us. However, there is evident lack of script which I think is a lack of real inspiration behind making cinema. Wes's directional talent steps into 'wow' the audience. 
In the epic finale, Dylan O'Brien leads his pack to execute their most thrilling mission yet. To save their pals, they must evade the legendary Last City, a WCKD-controlled arena which turns out to be it's most difficult "maze" ever. 
Ball has stuck to the Maze Runner tried-and-true direction and screenplay. You can see him develop as an evolving filmmaker as you witness the complexity of sets and scenes with its visual panache. You are left with a nerving end. The climax leaves you satiated, which continues up till the very end. 
I give 3.5 out 5 shors to the movie. 
eviewed by: Mitali Semlaani
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