Movie Review: Beauty and The Beast!

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Director- Bill Condon

Cast- Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Evan McGregor, Emma Thompson

Disney’s penchant for showing grandeur reaches new heights with Beauty And The Beast. This live- action depiction of one of the most widely loved fairy tales is sure to leave you amazed and spellbound.

The tale begins right at the cursed palace of France, which shows us what transpired for the creation of the Beast, played by Dan Stevens. The initial fifteen odd minutes are wrapped intricately with melodious songs, that are not only riveting, but give the screenplay a soul that makes us fall in love with Belle, played by Emma Watson, straightaway.

Belle adores her single father Maurice, who promises to return from a trip with a rose, as that is the only gift Belle ever asks from him. In comes Gaston, the handsome narcissist soldier, who is desperate to win Belle’s heart and marry her. Things go out of hand when Maurice is captured by the dreaded Beast, and Belle decides to take on the Beast and free her father.

What follows further is no one’s guess, but the sheer treatment to this tale by Director Bill Condon is marvellous. There are quite a few more songs on the way to the end, and those with a bad ear to tunes may get somewhat irritated.  Every frame looks to have been given a great deal of thought to make it more magnificent than ever. The fact that they have succeeded would be an understatement.

The entire cast has delivered earnest and straight from the heart performances, excluding Emma Watson. As Belle, she definitely makes you go weak in the knees with her beauty, but the emotions just don’t quite flow on her face. As a result, you somehow don’t connect with her entirely which is a tad disappointing.

Everything given, there’s a lot to enjoy in this gripping and magical tale of love and romance. You will leave the hall a satisfied watcher.

3.5 Shors on 5 for Disney’s latest offering!

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